Steam Party

This app makes it a little easier to find games you and your friends have in common. For those days where you just don't know what to play.

  • It only works for profiles with visibility set to Public
  • The Games-section of your friends' profiles must be either Public, or Friends-only if you use your own API key (see below).

If you wish to compare the Games libraries of friends who have set their visibility to Friends-only (which is the default value), you'll need to use your own API key. Generate your own API key here. Your API key is locally stored for your convenience. Once you're done, you can simply revoke the key on that same page.

1. Find your profile

Enter your Steam ID or Profile Page URL
Unsure what to fill in? Go to your Steam Profile Page, right-click and select "Copy Page URL".
Filling in your username does not work, unless this (coincidentally) happens to be your Profile Page URL as well.

Example input:
  • 76561197979908395
  • guiser

2. Select your friends

3. Play some games

The following users have a Private or Friends-only games library on their Steam Profile. Their games will not be included in the list.
You've reached the end.